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Useful Links and Resources


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The most complete of philosophical encyclopedias available online, containing articles written by the best specialists of each subject.
Theory and History of Ontology: A remarkable portal which publishes erudite and informed studies and syntheses on the present-day history and situation of ontology.
Théorie et histoire de l’ontologie: The French version of the previous site, with original French contributions.


Several excellent blogs exclusively or occasionally address contemporary metaphysics:
Métaphysique, ontologie, esprit (François Loth) (in French)
Philotropes (Julien Dutant and Florian Cova) (in French)
Philosophie des mathématiques (Hamdi Mlika) (in French)
Metaphysical Values (Centre for Metaphysics and Mind, Leeds, UK)
Object-Oriented Philosophy (Graham Harman): around Speculative Realism.


Repha: Revue Étudiante de Philosophie Analytique (in French)

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