This page contains all of the publications of the site, outside of the handouts which are available on the Meetings page. Below one can find original translations of the original work of the Atelier’s participants, as well original translations of extracts from texts published elsewhere. Please visit the original publications page for the original French versions.


Raphaël Millière, Metaphysics Today and Tomorrow (La métaphysique aujourd’hui et demain)

Yann Schmitt, Abstractionism or Modal Actualism (L’abstractionnisme ou actualisme modal*)

Raphaël Millière, Why is there something rather than nothing? (Pourquoi y a-t-il quelque chose plutôt que rien ?)

Louis Morelle, Speculative Realism: After Finitude, and Beyond? (Le réalisme spéculatif : après la finitude, et au-delà ?)

Victor Béguin, The Question of the Principle from the Work of Stanislas Breton (La question du principe à partir de l’œuvre de Stanislas Breton)

Raphaël Millière, Introduction to the Topology of Time (Introduction à la topologie du temps)

Raphaël Millière, Introduction to the Ontology of Roman Ingarden (Introduction à l’ontologie de Roman Ingarden)


Colloquium at Cérisy-la-Salle from 1958, discussion between Strawson, Van Breda and Jean Wahl (Colloque de Cérisy-la-Salle de 1958, discussion entre Strawson, Van Breda et Jean Wahl)

*This text is the property of Yann Schmitt, and will not be used without his agreement. It is the text from the lecture that he had given in the framework of the ATMOC, and not a written publication.