Creation of the Atelier

The Atelier de métaphysique et d’ontologie contemporaine (ATMOC) will begin its activities in the form of a student seminar at the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in October 2011. A weekly meeting of two hours will be set at the beginning of autumn, according to the availability of rooms and participants (see Practical Information). For a detailed introduction to the ambitions of the ATMOC, one can consult the Introduction to the Workshop. Updates on the ATMOC, whether they are relative to the content of the workshop or to its organization, will be published here.

Practical Information

Who can participate in the workshop?
Everyone can participate in the workshop and attend its weekly meeting, without obligations of regularity or certification. The ATMOC aspires to being both an introductory seminar and a research seminar, in the largest sense. It is not necessary to have a thorough knowledge of contemporary metaphysics and ontology to participate, but, of course, it is preferable to prepare for the meetings, by reading the texts approached.

Does the workshop count towards the diploma at the ENS or at the EHESS?
No, like all student seminars at the ENS, the workshop does not issue any ECTS points, nor any certification.

[Originally published 12 May 2011. Translated by Mark Ohm.]


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